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Karried Away #9
Single Mother to a Future MLB Star
Cant Take Me Anywhere
Drunk Enough to Karaoke Award

LoLo Gunz #22
Dog Mom
Adventure Seeker
Booty Meat Matters

Rhino Rocket #54
French Canadian
Out of Your League

Karma-Lektrack #327
Loves Photography/Taking Selfies
CrossFit Junkie that Loves Candy

Hannie Oakley #651
Cupcakes and

Killbilly #18
Sarcastic Feminist
Will still kick your butt

Darth Baber #138
Mom Life
Roller Skates and Crossfit
Big Butt, Bigger Heart

Tally Marx #1111
Certified Super Mom
Lives on Coffee and Sarcasm
Coyote Ugly Enthusiast

Yve Sojka #983
Sushi Fanatic
Vintage Arcade Gamer
Love Sparring & Archery (Superhero Aspirations)

Annaimal #19
Like Coffee with my Creamer
My Dog is Cuter than Yours
High Highs and Sass-Appeal

LoonaChick Cringe #242
Good Cop